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Gliding rails

Positioners or gliding rails were designed approximately 25 years ago in order to produce laminated or vinyl floor panels at high speed. High speed production machines in most cases are able to produce up to ±120 meter of product per minute.

Produce faster, maintain quality.

What do you need to be able to produce at higher speeds like 200 meter a minute? Stable machinery, sharp and well balanced cutting equipment, cooling systems and a precision clamping system, or gliding rails, which we manufacture.

Why gliding rails?

When floor panels are milled at high speed, you need good clamping. This ensures you are cutting exactly where you want to cut. Also, it causes less vibration ensuring a clean cut. Use gliding rails for faster, more precise and cleaner cut floor panels.


Gliding surface

The top of the rail is dressed with tungsten carbide. This is almost as hard as diamond. This ensures a long lasting product life.

Reduced friction.

We grind the tungsten carbide to a surface roughness of Ra 0,01. This greatly reduces friction.

No stripes

Having such a smooth surface means the clamping won't leave any traces or lines on the floor panel.


Impact protection

High speed producing leads to bigger impacts on machinery when things go wrong. The sections that are vulnerable to impacts were given a rounded corner at the entrance and exit. This redirects the impact when things really go wrong, resulting in no or minimum machine outage, thus more uptime


Abrasion protection

When milling at high speed, the produced dust can potentially blast a hole in the positioner. Which means dust can get in the machine.


We designed Spartacus, the heavy duty positioner, with a tungsten carbide reinforced backplate. It is used in positions where others don’t last long. The tungsten carbide backplate repels the dust very effectively.

Longer lasting

This Spartacus lasts approximately ten times longer, resulting in TCO reduction and more uptime.


Iterative design

We strive to make every delivered product better then the previous iteration. Sometimes we find better ways of manufacturing, other times the product needs a better design. Either way, we want to make sure you always get the best product.



The redesign of the upper gliding rails was a necessity. It resulted in faster and easier to make gliding rails while improving the design of over 18 models.


This new design allows the machine operator to change the part within a few minutes, therefore resulting in more uptime.


The mounting system was redesigned to work with and simplify over 18 different models.


When a gliding rail is end-of-life, the mounting system can be reused on a different rail.

Maximum Clearance.

As much material as possible is removed, leaving more room for your milling cutter.

After care

We offer aftercare and or guidance depending the area the customer resides

Grinding service

For production to run smoothly, you need to have a smooth gliding surface. After some time, a gliding rail needs to be grinded in order to function properly. We offer this service.

Product redesign

Have a difficult problem? Maybe we can design your solution.


If an accident has happened or a gliding rail broke, we can repair or replace it depending on the damage.


We have over 60 models is our product line, but are limited in our showcase. This is in order to protect all of our customers.